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Academic Calendar 2015-16
Date Day Event
15 June 2015 Monday Reopening of the department after Summer break
16 June 2015 Tuesday Classes for M.Sc. II begins
22 June 2015 Monday Three day workshop at Haffkine Institute (22-24 June)  
29 June 2015 Monday Practical for M.Sc. II begins
29 June 2015 Monday Admission process for M.Sc. I begins
2 July 2015 Thursday Interview for PET qualified students
5 July 2015 Sunday University foundation day
13 July 2015 Monday Orientation for M.Sc. I students
14 July 2015 Tuesday Classes for M.Sc.I begins
17 July 2015 Friday Library orientation for M.Sc. I students
20 July 2015 Monday Practical for M.Sc. I begins
July-August   Visit to SIES Institute of Packaging,Nerul
August 2015   Lab safety workshop
4 Sept 2015 Friday Teacher day celebration
18 Sept. 2015 Friday Medical Health Checkup
Sept.   One day programme on Self defence
Sept. 2015 Friday Industrial visit to a food company
Oct. 2015   Industrial visit to a pharmaceutical company
Oct. 2015 Monday M.Sc. II Practical,Theory exam
Nov. 2015 Monday M.Sc.I Practical,Theory exams
16-25 Nov.2015   Semester Break
26 Nov. 2015 Thursday Sem. IV starts
26/11/15 to7/1/16 Thursday Internship for M.Sc. II students (6 weeks)
28/12/15 To 7/1/16   Mid-term Break
7/12/2015   Sem.II starts
January 2016   Visit to BARC
January 2016   Lecture on Soft skill development
Feb.2016   Lecture by subject experts from Industries
Feb. 2016   Workshop on Analytical instruments Enchrome
Feb. 2016   Sport day celebration
Feb. 2016   Cultural activities
Feb. 2016   Annual day
8 March 2016 Tuesday Int. women’s day celebration
4 April 2016 Monday Practical exams for M.Sc. I and II begins
18 April 2016 Monday Theory exams for M.Sc. I and II begins  
16 May 2016   Summer vacation begins